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Tourism Minister reportedly said July 1 ‘sandbox’ won’t happen


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With all the hullabaloo around the July 1 Phuket Sandbox reopening that will definitely maybe possibly probably not surely happen, newsreaders should be prepared for a month of flip-flopping, confusing, and contradicting stories. Today Siam Rath reported that Thailand’s Tourism Minister has commented that the reopening will not happen on July 1. At a meeting of tourism officials in Bangkok including the deputy governor of Surat Thani and representatives from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao, Thailand Tourism Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakan was quoted by Siam Rath as saying that Phuket is unlikely to be ready to reopen by the […]

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41 minutes ago, Thaiger said:

flip-flopping, confusing, and contradicting stories

Thai officialdom defined.

Okay, TTM Pipat, you've had your two days of causing a stir . . . watch the stairs as you leave.

Right, next please.

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They say this crap like reporting the weather!  I have a paid airline ticket from US; I have booked the 15 days hotel and I have booked a car. On top of that we have to come up with documentation that makes little sense other than save your butt tactics. The major industry for this country is tourism. The Minister in charge of that subject should be embarrassed to say the Sandbox won't happen. It's his job to make it happen to save the country! Sickening. They think we can adjust at the drop of a hat. Yet the government can't adjust even to make decisions. Everything should have been set in stone by now! I have 16 days to get everything packed, in order and get on a plane. Here we are still hashing out the principles not the details!!  I guess I may have to switch to BKK when I get to Singapore and quarantine in Pattaya if these wiz kids can't get their stiff together!? 

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Hi, seaboyd . . . welcome to T-T!

Sorry and sad to read of your planned travel dilemma and sorrier still that you evidently put your trust in the Thai health and travel authorities when, as you now realise, they simply cannot get their act together.

I have my own typically negative, typically cynical views about the likelihood of the Phuket sandbox even happening this year, let alone by 1 July, but would seriously ask you if (a) you are totally committed to visiting Phuket (although I did take your BKK/Pattaya mention on board) and (b) if you were to consider a 'safer' (Covid-wise) holiday venue - Isan maybe - would you be able to cancel your present bookings with little, if any, loss?

Sorry, seaboyd, but truth is you've placed your trust and hopes in a bad place, right now.

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I was very tempted to book a holiday last week, and then I read this story, along with seeing the airfares from SFO, and I decided to hold for a while. All things considered, I think I will wait and see what happens with the delta variant and the efficacy of Sinovac/AZ  before heading into the sandbox.

I would like to go in 2021, but ..... I will wait it out. 

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Hi, LoveChef and welcome to T-T!

Sadly similar to my answer to the previous post, I can only agree with your hesitancy to process travel arrangements to the 'sandbox', Phuket, presumably. Waiting it out is probably the wisest option . . . sorry.


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