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Free quarantine accommodation for arriving Thais to be canceled


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By the end of June, the government plans to phase out the provided free state quarantine accommodation facilities for Thai nationals returning from abroad. Previously, the government was providing accommodation and medical care for all Thai people returning from other countries back to their homeland. Under a new proposal by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, starting July 1, state quarantine facilities will shut down and all people arriving by air will need to pay for their quarantine stays at alternative facilities. They said this proposal only applies to travellers arriving by air into one of Thailand’s international airports. They […]

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26 minutes ago, Thaiger said:

They didn’t mention rules for those arriving by land.

Clearly, that would be far too complex an issue for the CCSA arm of this clown of a government to even think about, let alone legislate for.

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I could be mistaken, but at border crossings, e.g. the Friendship Bridges, although closed to normal travellers and open mainly for freight traffic, I seem to recall reading that there is provision for 'those persons meeting special/certain conditions' or words to that effect. Perhaps that caters for those people satisfying vaccination or negative test requirements.

And let's not even think about those arriving by sea . . . there must be some, surely!

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For sure, Tjampman. I was meaning the ordinary tourist seafarers.

The situation you mention for the Philippinos must have been pretty awful.

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