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News Forum - Thailand News Update | Tweaks for the revised Test & Go announced today!


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Tweaks for the revised Test & Go will be debated by the CCSA and hopefully announced today. A few leaks indicate that the Test & Go program will, indeed, be re-introduced but there will be tightening of aspects of the program. If the rumours are true, arrivals will undergo two PCR tests during their initial seven days, the first when travellers arrive and the second on the fifth or sixth day. The Public Health Ministry also suggested yesterday that overseas visitors will have to take out comprehensive health insurance that covers all Covid-19 contingencies. The Ministry’s permanent secretary announced yesterday […]

The story Thailand News Update | Tweaks for the revised Test & Go announced today! as seen on Thaiger News.

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Welcome to the double standard rip off country .

Thais not wearing masks slap on the wrist ,, foreigners we can rip money off 20.000 bht and a year in jail 

Can you imagine the premiums on these comprehensive covid insurance policies are going to be ?  Probably more than the cost of 10 nights in hotel lock in room .

I think when people look at the cost of all this plus the cost and problems caused by a second pcr test it will do nothing to boost their dead tourism sector

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This mandatoty insurance business is no more than blatant racketeering.

I have had a very good policy from a UK company for 6 years plus, it should be all I need.

Forcing everyone who wants to enter to buy a substandard policy from a second rate insurance company is simply extortion and/or blackmail. It doesn't exactly say 'welcome'.

I miss my trips home but will stay here till all this entry nonsense dies down, if it ever does.

Perhaps the new 300 Baht charge will cover it for tourists, but I have no confidence in that affecting non-tourists.

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