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News Forum - Thailand News Update | Rising pork prices leads Thais to eat crocodile instead!


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Thailand’s Deputy PM, and loyal political sidekick to the PM Prayut, Prawit Wongsuwan, has met with China’s new ambassador to discuss continued cooperation between China and Thailand. The new Ambassador of China Han Zhiqiang visited the Thai Deputy Prime Minister in a staged courtesy call where the pair discussed a variety of topics.The 2 discussed the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership that was created between China and Thailand in hopes of overcoming the pandemic and moving forward to the future. On a broader scale, the leaders also talked about the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, better known as APEC, as Thailand takes over the leadership reins […]

The story Thailand News Update | Rising pork prices leads Thais to eat crocodile instead! as seen on Thaiger News.

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Don't knock it till you try it. 

High in protein, can be prepared like chicken, needs to be tenderised before cooking. Great BBQ with a satay sauce.


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"There may be a new method to determine who is most vulnerable during the pandemic, as a gene has been identified by Polish scientists that more than doubles the risk of serious Covid infection"

Identification and protection of the most vulnerable should have been and should be the goal going forward. 

Identification of high risk activities and areas (crowds, crowded housing) and encouraging people to know they are at high risk (obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, low immune systems, elderly) and act accordingly should be a priority. 

If people are allowed to drive dangerous mopeds, drink high octane rice liquor, eat salty fatty food, own firearms, do jobs that are dangerous, eat raw food, they should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to risk COVID exposure. 

All bars and restaurants and small businesses don't need to suffer just to try make some statistics go down. 

Look at the great "7 deadly days" safety campaign - targeted, specific solutions!

We didn't need to shut down all driving or restrict it to certain hours or make everyone show proof of sobriety before they got on the road. Targeted solutions work :-)


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