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Thai Schools forcing Children to be Vaccinated?


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Does anyone here know if Thai Schools are forcing your children to be vaccinated? 

I have Thai friend in Surin who is crying and terrified that the school is making her vaccinate her 8 year old son. 

Please no comments about if it is right or wrong. i just need to know if this is correct that it is mandatory. 

thank you. 


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I can only respond with what happened with my daughter and her school. Some background. She goes to an International program with around 150 students which is a small part of a much larger school. Whilst much happens differently and separate in their program, they still have to conform to the overall school policies.

I just asked her (as she is home doing online school!) whether she felt it was mandatory. She said no it wasn't and I don't recall seeing anything suggesting is was mandatory on the stuff sent to parents. She did say they were told it was optional and apparently one of the teachers was recommending students not do it. She also said, to her knowledge they all went for vaccination, which may suggest a level of peer pressure, or being "left out of the crowd" type influence possibly happening.

I only saw one or two parents discussing myocarditis etc concerns on the Line chat we had but as most is in Thai, may have missed more! It seemed most of them were in favour and don't know what influence they imposed.

I asked my daughter about what would have happened if you didn't want the vaccination as I couldn't find anything direct from the school saying what would happen! She didn't know either, but I can recall something about online learning for unvaccinated, but simply can't find it now to confirm. To her knowledge all of her classmates at her school got the vaccine which was Pfizer for both doses.

So I am leaning towards being voluntary but really can't say. How individual schools interpret the rules coming down from above seems to be different at times. There may also be influences from the Provincial Government and their disease control committees we are unaware of.

I would suggest encouraging her to discuss it directly with the school and focus on what would happen if she couldn't be vaccinated (eg Like in the situation a medical condition prevented her getting it) and seeing what they say would happen. Such an approach to the school may come across less threatening if the school has been given no choice! 

Sorry she has been upset by it all and hope she gets the answers she needs.

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Diptheria, pertussis, polio, chicken pox, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella are  all required in America to attend public schools and day care centers.  Why would Thailand be different

4 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

i just need to know if this is correct that it is mandatory. 

Ok ok, but come on, only answer is to ask the principle or headmaster at the school in question. 

Do you really take advice on these forums as 100% truthful or knowledgeable?  

Good luck and stay safe


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I have just asked my wife, an ex school teacher if school children have to be vaccinated. She said some parents have told the school that they don't want their children vaxxed. So I guess the answer is no.

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