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News Forum - Major fire guts incense warehouse in Chon Buri


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An incense warehouse in the eastern province of Chon Buri has been completely destroyed by fire. The Pattaya News reports that the fire broke out at a joss sticks warehouse in the district of Ban Bueng on Sunday. 10 fire engines attended the blaze in Soi Intara and it took firefighters over an hour to bring the fire under control. Both the warehouse itself and a forklift truck have been completely destroyed. The Pattaya News reports that nobody was injured in the blaze. According to the owner, 62-year-old Boontan Aunsura, there was nobody at work at the time the fire […]

The story Major fire guts incense warehouse in Chon Buri as seen on Thaiger News.

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1. let us blame humanity for this fire or any catastrphe, by just say, climate change /global warming, as governments in world, like to do ( to make other people, feel guilty ). and no mentioning of technology. n-ice

1.2 the green-wef ( world economy ) government story, daily on t.v. ( tell vision ) is,
have too much people, so too much co2, and not enough resources as energy etc.

( although in school we learn, resources can not run out, more co2 is better for plants-growth and beings-food ), and who can count 1 and 1 together, know there is enough space, food, water and material, for much more than 8 billions, (what is a government number ).

2. what is even worse than the money-interest for banks from tax money.
( billions usd, yeary, worldwide, and for decades ), but no law exist, for must pay,
logically, because borrow from your ( national /state owned ) bank, not makes interest needed.

2.2 and these governments want to help you, to stay safe. :D to stay safe of your abilities ? what a caring parents, they are. ( and what an adventurous world view ).

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2 hours ago, vlad said:

MMM love the smell of Incense in the Morning.

It smells like …..

smoky season in Chiang Mai ….. 

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